Celebrating One Year (with free cookies)!

The Good Batch - Muffins

One Year Bakery Anniversary

 Time to celebrate!

Next week we celebrate the one year anniversary of our bakery and coffee shop opening. It has been a full-force, spin-us-upside-down whirlwind, to say the absolute very least. Our production team transformed from a band of baking gypsies—baking in rented kitchens, scrambling to find our tools (and sometimes eggs and butter…) at the beginning of every shift, constantly packing and unpacking—to a uniformed, well-oiled baking machine. We launched an ice cream flavor with Haagen-Dazs and I had a baby girl! We built a coffee and espresso program from scratch, and developed dozens of seasonally inspired recipes for our pastry case.

We are as excited to continue growing this operation as the day we signed the lease. Becoming a part of the community, seeing happy faces walk through our doors every day, and having an outlet for our sweet creative ideas is everything. This undertaking has been enormous, but the rewards are equal in magnitude.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of our shop opening, next weekend we will be giving away a cookie with the purchase of everything! Come celebrate and enjoy a cookie on us from September 11-13.