Introducing the Chef Playdate Cookie Series

We are so excited to announce our Chef Playdate Cookie Series, launched May 2023 and running through the year! This is a project started by our founder Anna Gordon, where she will work with an NYC chef and creative each month on a special cookie, inspired by flavors of Home. We will sell the cookies are our Clinton Hill and Pier 57 locations. These cookies have been selling out fast!

Cinnabun Saba Cookie


with Maayan Zilberman, Artist and Founder of Sweet Saba.

Two cookie doughs marbled together— sourdough and gooey cinnamon brown sugar— and finished with a sultry cream cheese frosting swirl. This cookie brings together Gordon’s flavorful pastry techniques with Zilberman’s avant garde aesthetic.

To build the elements of the final featured item, Anna developed her own sourdough cookie recipe, which she then marbled with a gooey brown sugar, cinnamon-rich dough. To truly join the two creative minds, Anna and Maayan designed a whimsical serpentine shape of cream cheese frosting, which will be unique to each cookie. The result brings to life the nostalgic taste of the cinnamon buns we all grew up drooling over, experienced in a refined, layered and artful way.

September/October 2023


with Lana Lagomarsini, NYC Chef

A festive pinwheel cookie spinning our beloved brown butter cookie dough around a classic pecan pie filling, and finished with toasted pecans.

Lana’s favorite family holiday is Thanksgiving, and it wouldn’t be complete without her mom’s famous pecan pie. While her mom’s pie is traditional in nature, it carries a special family magic that makes the dessert and the holiday so nurturing. Anna and Lana paired up to bring this nostalgic flavor to life in a special seasonal cookie.

November 2023

Peach Cobbler Cookie The Good Batch


with Camari Mick, Executive Pastry Chef of The Musket Room and Raf’s

The summer dessert favorite in cookie form! A chewy brown sugar and local whole cookie holds a big schmear of local gingery peach jam and a brown butter crumb.

August 2023

Lemon Square Playdate The Good Batch


with Caroline Schiff, Executive Pastry Chef of Gage & Tolner

Cornmeal pecan shortbread, classic lemon bar filling, powdered sugar

July 2023

Thai Tea Cookie


with Ann Redding and Matt Danzer, Chefs and Founders of Thai Diner

Thai Tea and rice flour cookie, Thai Tea and condensed milk ganaches

June 2023



Spicy Pineapple Margarita Cookie Fany Gerson The Good Batch


with Fany Gerson, Chef and Founder of FanFan Doughnuts, La Newyorkina, Mijo NYC

Brown butter shortbread cookie, spicy pineapple chili jam, margartia glaze

May 2023