Kitchen Spotlight: Simone, Baker Extraordinaire

Kitchen Spotlight Simone The Good Batch

Next up on The Good Batch’s Kitchen Spotlight series is our morning baker, Simone. In addition to keeping a steady stream of singalongs and dance parties going in the kitchen each day, she’s the one bringing you freshly baked scones, muffins, breads, cookies and more each morning. She’s up at 5am so you don’t have to be… Meet Simone!


How did you come to work for The Good Batch?: I’ve always worked in kitchens…was previously making candy at Liddabit Sweets and then transitioned to pastries here at The Good Batch!

Favorite Good Batch Sweet: Brown Butter Salty, baby!

Favorite Non-Good Batch Sweet: Mounds Bars

Biggest Food Weakness: Pizza!

Cake of Frosting: Cake

Cookies or Cookie Dough: Cookie dough

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate, duh. I’m a woman!

Favorite thing to do outside the kitchen: Reading or cooking for friends and loved ones

Favorite thing to make outside TGB: Chicken Marbella – a roast chicken marinated for 24 hours with olives, prunes, capers and garlic…YUM.

Favorite Brooklyn Bar: Alligator Lounge for beer and pizza

Favorite Brooklyn Restaurant: Lomzynianka in Greenpoint – but it closed!


Simone’s always helping us come up with delicious new offerings for the bakery so be sure to stop by soon and visit!