Introducing our Savory Pastries

Say Hello to our Savory Side

Snacks to fill you up…before dessert.

For the first time, savory smells are swirling through our bake. Caramelized onions, sweet potato, parmesan, to name a few. Our customers have been asking for some savory breakfast and lunch options, and we have listened.

Beginning this weekend we will be offering the following treats:


A flaky buttery crust folded around a kale and sweet potato filling, seasoned with black pepper, sea salt, and a touch of allspice. Served with a creamy sriracha dip. Lovely for breakfast or lunch.

Savory Muffin

Wild Hive Farm Polenta muffin loaded with roasted red pepper, cheddar and parmesan cheese, and fresh chives. Perfect for a savory breakfast or afternoon snack.

Cheese + Herb Quiche

Individually baked into a handmade, flaky crust. Incredibly satisfying, great any time of day.