Cookies + Cream [ vegan + wheat-free ]

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Bringing cookies and cake together in the most delicious, wheat-free, plant-based way.

Chocolate sponge cake, cookies and cream buttercream, dark chocolate ganache, Tahini Chocolate Chunk cookies, crunchy chocolate bits. The cake is so delicious your guests won’t even notice it is both VEGAN and WHEAT-FREE.

MODIFICATIONS — If you would prefer this cake nut-free and seed-free, we will happily make it with traditional components containing dairy, wheat, and our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie on top. Please note, this optional modification will contain dairy, wheat and eggs, and as a result the cake will no longer be vegan or gluten-free.

ALLERGEN NOTE — The Tahini Chocolate Chunk cookie that tops this cake is made with almond flour and sesame seed paste. All products are baked at our facility that handles wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and eggs. Chocolate products may contain trace amounts of milk. We are not a certified vegan or gluten-free bakery, although we take great care to keep all components separate.

Cake orders are accepted with 72 hours’ notice. We are not able to accept Changes or cancellations to cake orders within 48 hours of the scheduled pick-up time.

Starts at $50.00

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