Fireside Ice Cream Cake


PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, Fireside Cakes are currently only available for in-store pick-up.

Fireside Ice Cream Cake is the perfect way to celebrate this unprecedented holiday season. Brown butter cake layered with ice cream, cookie crumbs, and caramel will bring joy to all. Whether you are toasting with your favorite gathering of friends and family, or slicing off little bits for yourself all month long, this cake will make an excellent sweet companion in your life.

Description: brown butter cake, vanilla ice cream, cookie crumbs, crunchy sponge candy, toasted marshmallow buttercream, cranberry compote, caramel ganache.

Cakes is currently available in one SMALL CROWD size— an adorable rectangle cake that will go quickly. Perfect for four hearty servings, and up to six smaller slices. Purchasing an additional cake if a larger crowd is to be served.

Cakes should be left in the box in the freezer. Cake will stay delicious for up to one month.


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